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Lionzer is a free online safari game to play with animals of the savannah.

Discover 38 species of animals!

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Aminal_Cookie welcomes their first animal of the savannah: Tarnish.  11 minutes ago
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Animal game - Presentation of the free game Lionzer
More than just a game, Lionzer is a free online Africa game where you can play with all kinds of animals of the savannah. Choose from the many species available. Each player must look after their own animal of the savannah, find the best african reserve and sign it up for savannah challenges to help it progress. Work on your animals and compete against the animals of the other players in the savannah challenges.

In this game, you can even get a job related to the African Savannah and become a savannah explorer, a game reserve manager or a plant life expert. To save as many animals of the savannah as possible, you can buy animals or get them to breed with the animals of the savannah of the other players. Your animals of the savannah will follow you everywhere and you will meet all the other players, either in the forums or in one of the fan groups.

Lionzer is a free Africa game to play with animals of the savannah, so what are you waiting for? Sign up for free!
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Find a job related to animals!

Become Savannah explorer, Safari guide...
Take care of the animals of the savannah belonging to other players in your african reserve and help them grow and progress every day.
Take care of the animals of the savannah belonging to other players in your african reserve and help them grow and progress every day.
The Zoo - Save an African animal living in captivity
Play with the abandoned animals of the savannah in the game and take them in. This animals of the savannah has been abandoned! Sign up to become its owner and look after an abandoned animal.
The Market - Purchase an animal: auction or fixed price
 There is 1 days, 4 h, 24 min left before you can take this animal in!
 Player: irenew
 Fennec Fox
 6 months
 Capacity: 399.94
 Level: 23.19
Fennec Fox species animal for sale
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