The groups are places where all players who want to talk about the same topic can get together and exchange ideas.

Every group has a page that the founder and/or director can update regularly, as well as a wall, open to all members of the group.


Groups forum
The founder is the creator of the group. This person can update the group page, name or dismiss a director, accept or decline a member, send a group message to all the members, or delete the group.
The founder is the number one person in charge of the exchanges between the members, making sure they go smoothly, as well as promoting the group on Lionzer and elsewhere.

The manager is directly appointed by the founder. This person has the same rights as the founder, but can't delete the group. He or she is the right hand of the founder; together, they form a tandem that has full responsibility of the group.

The members of the group are players on Lionzer, who requested to be a member of the group and were then accepted by the manager or the founder.
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Creating a group costs  10.
However, any player can create 1 group for free.
For the members of the Lionzer Club, this number is extended to 3 groups for free.

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