Accept what you get- *Lion and Tiger Rp*

you have to accept what you get!!!!
Accept what you get
Well one time in the past but somehow in the future there was a big battle with the lions and tigers before the battle the tigers and lions lived peacefully together in one big pride.The battle started because a lioness had a cub with a tiger.Before the lioness died she named her cub Letasti.Letasti grew up and was taught by his mother's family and he left his father.Letasti's father and the other tigers got exiled and Letasti grew and grew getting taught how to be king everyday.Months passed and Letasti got his rank.His rank was beta male.Letasti father had had a cub with a beautiful white tiger then Crystal grew up she was the same age as Letasti who was one year old.Crystal found Letasti once and she started fighting him then all of a sudden a strong-looking male tiger ran up "GET AWAY FROM YOUR HALF-SISTER!!!!" it growled.Letasti soon found out it was his father.Crystal sighed and growled at her father,she wanted to learn more about Letasti but all she got said back to was "go away pip-squeak" or "get lost!!".So she decided to sit down and cry.A medium-sized lion walks up to her he nuzzled her and cuddled her "Hi sister!!" Letasti says.Crystal looks up and stops crying "hi Letasti!!!"Crystal says then she put her paw on his small,fluffy mane.Scar,Letasti and Crystal's father watched from afar.Scar growled then jumps out of the bush and starts fighting Letasti,Letasti pride appears and the pounding drums of war begin.Letasti mighty roar scares Scar's pride.Crystal ran off with her pride.Letasti walked back to his pride's rock.He found Muffasa "Hi,grandpa muffy!" he says and bows.Muffasa smiles at him "hi Letasti!" he says and then he says "have I told you about the circle of life?" .Letasti shook his head "no...." Letasti began "because mother died when you was going to tell me then we forgot" he finished.Muffasa padded along the grass followed by a young adult lion,Letasti.Muffasa stood up tall when graceful antelope passed by "we eat the antelope and the antelope eat the grass and when we die we turn into grass so we are all connected!!" he said.Letasti smiles "thanks grandpa Muffasa!!" he says and pads off.Muffasa walked along the grass as he found a little flamingo.He found its parents and gave it to them "he was lost..." Muffasa says to the flamingos then the flamingos thank him.Letasti was on a hunting lesson and found Crystal's pride.But Scar was no where to be seen but what they heard sounded like Scar was getting attacked by the hyenas.The next day he was dead.This is where the story starts....
Rules: asking to be manager disobeying the lionzer rules
3.try to have fun being mean this is a place to have fun and roleplay cartoon/anime pictures arguing must obey these rules
8.there are only lions and tigers
9.only the manager and founder can have ligers and tigons
10.try and be nice and make friends
Name:the name of your lion or tiger
Age:newborn to 10
Gender:female or male
Breed:lion or tiger
Rank:like hunters and warriors and fighters and deltas and healers and stuff
Crush:you choose
Mate:must ask the player
Cubs:ask the player and founder
Description:its colours like its fur and mane or stripes and stuff
Favourite place:anything
Favourite food:anything
History:something about did it get exiled if it was a tiger?did it live a life as a loner as a lion? just an history
Other:something about your character
Played by:your username
The Lions:
Nickname:Muffy or King Muffasa
Age:3 years
Breed:Barbary lion
Rank:King of the lions
Personality:Muffasa is a loving king who is loved by his pride.He is very kind,caring and brave because he helped his grandson,Letasti cheer up when his mother died.He is also a bit childish when with teenagers and cubs.He tries to make everything right when everything is wrong.He is a daredevil when it comes to play fighting.
Description:Large-sized male lion with a very soft mane.He has a very smooth back without fluff,like his mane is very fluffy his fur is just smooth.
Favourite place:Pride rock
Favourite food:Antelope
Likes:being king,helping,trying his best at everything he does and lots more
History:He was born in this pride and was crowned king when his father died.he was only 1 years old when his father died.
Played by:Germansheperdgirl357
Nickname:none yet anyway he never wants one
Age:1 year
Breed:Barbary lion mixed with a Tiger
Rank:the Heir of the lions
Personality:Letasti is a bad-boy,but is also very sweet and kind.He is very drowsy everyday because of the lessons but also he is very athletic.He is very peaceful but not with tigers he is only peaceful with Crystal.He is very kind to the females and he is extra kind to Vitani because she is like a sister or mother to him.
Description:sandy fur with a small mane and tiny dots on his head
Favourite place:Pride rock with his grandpa,Muffasa
Favourite food:Antelope and Zebra
Likes:helping,hunting,fighting and playing with his half-sister
Dislikes:most tigers
History:he lived here all of his life
Played by:Germansheperdgirl357
Nickname:Vit or Tani
Age:6 years
Personality:kind,caring,strong,vicious,mean,friendly and cute
Description:Sandy,tan fur with big,beautiful amber eyes.
Favourite place:hunting grounds
Favourite food:Zebu

Nickname:Cryst,Crystie or just say her normal name
Age:1 year
Rank:Queen of the tigers
Personality:Crystal is very sweet and peaceful because she wants to make peace with the lions.Crystal loves playing with cubs and she loves teaching them because she thinks they are so cute.She is still like she was when she was a cub but she is a little laid back now.She cannot see properly so be careful when you see her because she could attack you or kill you.
Description:Silver,grey fur with blue eyes and lots of swirly stripes on her fur.
Favourite place:anywhere as long if she is with her half-brother Letasti
Favourite food:Zebra
Likes:making peace,finding her brother and hunting
Dislikes:her fighting with lions and killing
History:I was born here
Played by:Germansheperdgirl357

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