*******Germen Sheperd Breeding Farm******(Germen Sheperd RP)

We are bred in a farm and need too escape.

Our story:One day a Germen Sheperd pup was born on a farm and it's mother sadly died.And when it grew up it became the number one breeding female with her mate Eclipes,And 2 other dog's listing.New moon,and Breaking Dawn.Where bred and they had too escape and breed freely so Twilight and Eclipes made a break away plan.They dug under the fence and all got away safly.But they need more member's too join and be in the pack. Germen Sheperd Form Coming soon.

Name: Starlight
Age:2 years
Grnder: female
Rank: Beta female
Crush: looking
Mate: Wants
Pups: wants
Played by: Hami64

8 years, 13 h and 23 min ago

What coler.

8 years, 12 h and 48 min ago

Black and brown

8 years, 12 h and 35 min ago

Normal germen sheperd you meen. Here we have dozens of coat coler's and Normel is Black and Brown.

8 years, 12 h and 34 min ago

Well mostly black with some brown

8 years, 12 h and 29 min ago


8 years, 12 h and 29 min ago

The group welcomes a new member: Hami64

8 years, 13 h and 26 min ago
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