Warrior cats, a new story!

Home is where your clan is

After you’ve decided on your character, post the info like the cats below. Write whatever you want your cat to do.The beginning is at the bottom.

Story line:

You are in Thunderclan, Bluestar is still leader, Fireheart has just become deputy.

Note: You may have as many as 7 characters you act as.

I,Tylixie, shall play the rest/original cats in the clan,example: Bluestar,Fireheart,Tigerpelt, excetera, as well as Goldenheart.


Bluestar: Blue eyed she-cat with bluish gray fur,(like a russian blue)


Fireheart: Handsome ginger tabby tom with amber eye's.

Tigerpelt: Well built amber eyed tom with a striped orange and black fur like a tiger,which is where he got his name.

Snowflake: Snow white she-cat with ice blue eye's.

Woodpelt: Small tom with green eye's and a brown pelt that is almost completely camouflage against wood.

Hollyleaf: Long furred black she-cat with green eyes.( played by horselover2475)

Eagletalon: Grey tom with darker flecks and  grey eye's,with the longest claws in all the clans.

Goldenheart: A thin, well built golden tabby she-cat with dark hazel eye's that sometimes change colour.

Flowernose: White she-cat with orange, black, grey and brown spots with blue eye's and a rose pink nose.

Silverpelt: kind and caring she-cat with ice blue eye's whose greyish white fur  looks silver in direct sunlight, named after silverpelt, the milkyway, because she's said to be the closest to starclan. Golheart's sister.

Willowpelt: Brown she-cat with amber eye's, who is obsessed with willow tree's.

Hawkwing: Large dark hazel tom with amber eye's. Eyesight like a hawk.

Stonepelt: Dark grey tom with sky blue eye's. Is in love with Silverpelt.

Skyheart: White she-cat with blue eye's. Want's more than anything to be able to fly, except maybe that Hawkwing will like her.

Greystripe: Grey tom whith darker grey stripes with blue eye's.


Gingerpaw: Ginger tom with amber eye's and a completely white tail.

Silverpaw: Light grey she-cat with green eye's. Wants her warrior name to be Silverheart, after her mentor Goldenheart.

Birdpaw: Brown and white she-cat with amber eye's. Her meow sounds like the call of a bird, which is what got her her name.

Lilypaw: White she-cat with blue eye's and a fluffly tail that looks like the bud of a lily.

Finchpaw: Grey tom with amber eye's and a strangely long tail. Wants his warrior name to be Finchwing after his mentor Hawkwing.

Flowerpaw: Looks exactly the same as her mother Flowernose. Is Greenleaf's appentice. Wants her medicine cat name to be Flowerstem, she dosen't know why, she just likes the name.

Medincine cat:

Greenleaf: Fluffy black and white she-cat with green eye's, medicine cat.


Rosepetal:White she-cat with hazel eye's and a hint of what looks like pink in her fur, mother of Smallkit, Owlkit, Patchykit and Mistykit.

Silverqueen: Light grey she-cat with amber

eye's. Oldest Queen.

Hollypelt: Black she-cat with lime green eye's. Mother of Pebblekit and Riverkit.

Pantherfur: Black she-cat with blazing amber eye's. Mother of Lionkit, Tigerkit and Leopardkit.


Smallkit: Tiny cream coloured tom with grey eye's. Smallest kit in all the clans, everyone but his sisters thought he was going to die in his first leafbare.

Owlkit:Brown,cream and grey she-cat with hazel eye's. Will fight any cat that picks on any of her siblings, especially Smallkit.

Patchykit: White she-cat with black,ginger,cream,grey and brown patches and hazel eye's. Loves all her siblings and dreams of becoming a nursing Queen.

Mistykit: Grey she-cat with grey eye's, wants to become leader someday.

Lionkit: Muscular sandy coloured she-cat with amber eye's.

Tigerkit: Looks exactly like her older brother Tigerpelt.

Leopardkit: Spotted she-cat who looks exactly like a leopard.

Pebblekit: Light grey tom with darker flecks and dark blue eye's.

Riverkit: Black she-cat with green eye's. Has a strange love of the water.



Branchtail:Brown tom with amber eye's, his tail has many kinks in it so it looks like a branch. Every cat made fun of his tail, except for his mate Silverqueen, who refuses to retire to the elders even though she can't have kits.

Mousefur: Motteled brown she-cat with amber eye's.