Warriors Rise Again *Warriors Rp*

Time for us to return, once again.....


Welcometo "Warrior Raise Again *Warriors Rp* group. This is a classic Warrior Cat rp, everything that occurs here is after everything that ever occured in the Warriors Series. We have the same 4 clans & warrior code etc.
                                             ~The Warrior Code~
The group welcomes a new member: Alphafang

4 years and 11 months ago

Rougeheart just finished a patrol at the Shadow Clan border & wanted to speak to Tanglestar. (gecko319)

5 years and 1 month ago

Tanglestar was in his den thinking, he sat with his eyes closed in deep thought

5 years and 1 month ago

"Why did you stop?" she asked finally stopping.

5 years and 546 h ago

" shadowclan's border is right here" he said pointing at it with his paw

5 years, 545 h and 27 min ago

"Oh. Playing can really be a big distraction. Luckily we didn't cross, or Moonstar would have the clan shred us for dinner." she said thankfully.

5 years, 545 h and 21 min ago

He nodded and looked into shadowclan territory

5 years, 545 h and 16 min ago

"I always wondered." she meowed.

5 years, 544 h and 58 min ago

" what have you always wondered?" He asked

5 years, 544 h and 51 min ago

"What happened in there." she answered.

5 years, 544 h and 8 min ago

He kept looking and shrugged not really listening

5 years, 533 h and 20 min ago

She came over to his side & sat down.

5 years, 523 h and 2 min ago

He licked her head and sat down

5 years, 522 h and 20 min ago

She began grooming him.

5 years, 467 h and 50 min ago

He purred

5 years, 466 h and 31 min ago

She continued & began to smile.

5 years, 449 h and 5 min ago

He purred louder and started to also groom her

5 years, 423 h and 40 min ago

She continued merrily.

5 years, 391 h and 29 min ago

He also continued

5 years, 391 h and 27 min ago

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