Help nature! Help the animals, the plant & the environment....
             ***THE NATURE CLUB***

The Nature Club not only gives ideas how to help nature, but also gives ideas to stop bulling, dog fighting, puppy mills & a healthy life style etc. We also give ideas how to inspire others to do the same. Thank you forcoming so far, but please continue reading.


                                 'Yes rules!'

1. Don't just join to look good, if you don't paticipate or something, I will remove you within a month`s time.
2. You can share your ideas on the group wall.
3. You cannot insult someones ideas.
4. There will never be a manager/director, so don't ask.
5. I try to be sense able here, so if you can't coop/enjoy with the helping nature/world stuff, so just quit.
6. The group wall is only for sharing ideas, discussions & questions etc.
7. The group wall is NOT to be spammed, critizied, complaints (well on our/someone`s ideas etc), or used for insults or even say irrelevant stuff like "Hi! or My aunt is having a baby etc" etc.
8. I admit sometimes I/we may be wrong, but this is an open group.
9. We don't want any backanle/bickering here.
10. You don't have to do everything, just some.
11. We do have competions now & again, so always check the page for updates, we have lots of prizes, at times.
12. Have fun & share the ideas & do some yourself please. Thank you for reading so far.


                         ~TABLE OF CONTENTS~

1. A Healthy & Environmental Lifestyle. 
2. Fun Environmental Hobbies.
3. Other Ways to help the environmental.  
4. Helping The Animals.
5. Helping The Wild Animals.
6. Helping Kids in Need. 
7. Stopping Bulling.
8. Convincing Others.
9. Rare Species.
10. Caring for Pets.
11. Competitions.
12. Hall of Fame.


                    ~A Healthy & Environmental Lifestyle~

This chapter not only shows you how to live a environmental lifestyle, but also to have a healthier lifestyle. It shows some common, but often ignored tips/advice that can be done easily. If an item name is in RED its a don't, if its GREEN its a do. I also placed a describtion to show what you should do & why its bad/good or helpful/unhelpful to the environment. It also can convince you/someone to switch or start.

Plastic & Paper Shopping Bags:

These are the most common shopping bags, but they are 'easiest to break' & fall apart & your many items inside can 'fall out & maybe be lost.' These bags are hazardous & dangerous to many animals, water sources & other parts of the environment. So stop using these bags & support the banning & even the stopping of making these hazardous bags.

Cloth Shopping Bags: 

These bags are stronger & better for the environment. These bags don't take as much from the environment to make & are safer to the animals, plant & water if lost & somehow near them. Another benefit they don't blow away in the wind as easily, so its almost impossible to loose them. They can also be reused numerous times. So support stores that use cloth shopping bags & convince other, including yourself to start using cloth shopping bags. And if we are lucky, the making of plastic/paper will stop & Cloth will be the only shopping bag, but we need you to join the team.


I mean, we need vehicles the way human life is made, but they cause pollution & turn us into lazybones. We can still use them, just less & only when needed. For example, you can use your vehicle to go on long trips, 'not' when your going to the park/savannah or into town etc. If its something long then yes use them, if its carrying someone ill, yes, if your carrying heavy items, yes, if its the trash truck yes & all that's similar. So be smart when using these vehicles, because you don't want to spoil your environment or be like your grandma when your 30. 

Bikes, Roller Skates/Blades, Walking, Scooters etc:

These items do have electrical more advanced forms, but they don't exercise you or keep the environment safer as much. There are lots of ways to use these to make your life healthier, but by just using them instead of cars, trucks etc you are helping the environment. So use these when going short distances or just want to have some fun. You can also use these to help you with your chores, depending on what/where.  

Electronic Devices:

Blow Dryer:



Cloths Line:

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