We can be Heros!!! *Super Hero/Villian Rp*

A Super Hero can have all the powers, weapons etc in the world, but all is proven worthless without intelligents.

             ~Welcome to We can be Heros *Super Hero Rp*~


Ever dreamed of being/creating your own super hero or super villain? We'll you came to the right page my friends. This role play has a seperate world for the supers & the regular world too. Therefore you can create some non-super charters. There are three confirmed schools that are part of the role play (might make more if people ask). One is in the human world & is for both humans & secretly supers. The other is in the super world for super heros in training, the location is secret & only known to super heros in training & the last is for super villain in training, it location is secret & only known by villains. So come on & create your charter & role play your heart.




                                                                                 :heart:~Table of Contents~:heart:


  1. 1. Rules.
  2. 2.Places.
  3. 3. Form.
  4. 4. Charters.




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