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    · Desert Race  (114)
    · River Crossing  (91)
    · Savannah Explorer  (61)
    · King of the Savannah  (96)
    · Imminent Danger  (72)
    · Migration  (67)

    A Float Down StreamRiver CrossingZebra Stripes1 test(s)129 times
    Across the river we go!River CrossingMichigander's Reserve1 test(s)83 times
    Across The SaharaDesert RaceThe Zulu Clan0 test(s)92 times
    AdventureSavannah ExplorerSavsnnah Hannah0 test(s)252 times
    African MigrationMigrationGrazing Palace1 test(s)166 times
    African Royalty ChallengeKing of the SavannahGrazing Palace1 test(s)221 times
    agilityRiver CrossingThe king african0 test(s)64 times
    Ajhiad's ProsessionKing of the SavannahSafe Haven0 test(s)34 times
    Ales' Agility ChallengeRiver CrossingAles' Pride1 test(s)49 times
    Ales' Instinct ChallengeMigrationAles' Pride1 test(s)42 times
    Ales' Perception ChallengeSavannah ExplorerAles' Pride1 test(s)15 times
    Ales' Strength Challenge KKing of the SavannahAles' Pride1 test(s)13 times
    Ales' Survival ChallengeImminent DangerAles' Pride1 test(s)6 times
    All or nothingRiver CrossingTahiyah Wildlife Reserve0 test(s)24 times
    Always Moving...MigrationLions, and Hyenas, and Baboons, Oh my!1 test(s)77 times
    Animal G H, There we Cross Cross CrossRiver CrossingLion Ground Haven1 test(s)353 times
    Are you a King/Queen or pesent!King of the SavannahRESERWE SKAAPWAGTER SE1 test(s)51 times
    Are you fastestDesert RaceThe Wild Side0 test(s)42 times
    Are you strong enoughKing of the SavannahLion lovers!0 test(s)40 times
    Are you the King of the Savannah?King of the SavannahDaring Dash's African Reserve1 test(s)102 times
    Are You Tough EnoughKing of the SavannahZambezia1 test(s)0 times
    Artemisia Silver MoundRiver CrossingNecromancer1 test(s)179 times