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    · Desert Race  (114)
    · River Crossing  (91)
    · Savannah Explorer  (61)
    · King of the Savannah  (96)
    · Imminent Danger  (72)
    · Migration  (67)

    Call of the WildMigrationCall of the Wild1 test(s)12 times
    Call of the WildImminent DangerCall of the Wild1 test(s)7 times
    Call of the WildKing of the SavannahCall of the Wild1 test(s)12 times
    Call of the WildSavannah ExplorerCall of the Wild1 test(s)10 times
    Call of the WildRiver CrossingCall of the Wild1 test(s)91 times
    Call of the WildDesert RaceCall of the Wild1 test(s)5 times
    Can u do itKing of the SavannahLion cubs play0 test(s)231 times
    can u liveMigrationLion cubs play0 test(s)340 times
    Can You Cross It?River CrossingRESERWE SKAAPWAGTER SE1 test(s)57 times
    Can You Handle It?!King of the SavannahLions, and Hyenas, and Baboons, Oh my!1 test(s)2 times
    Can you survive it?Imminent DangerLion lovers!0 test(s)38 times
    Chanel's CrossingRiver CrossingTop Quality-Low Prices1 test(s)5 times
    Chanel's DangersImminent DangerTop Quality-Low Prices1 test(s)2 times
    Chanel's ExplorersSavannah ExplorerTop Quality-Low Prices1 test(s)1 times
    Chanel's MigratorsMigrationTop Quality-Low Prices1 test(s)1 times
    Chanel's RaceDesert RaceTop Quality-Low Prices1 test(s) times
    Chanel's SavannahKing of the SavannahTop Quality-Low Prices1 test(s)2 times
    Charging into a Sand StormDesert RaceZebra Stripes1 test(s)183 times
    Charlie's KingKing of the SavannahLions1 test(s)1 times
    Children of PeaceDesert RaceChildren of Peace1 test(s)10 times
    croc leapin'River Crossingwelcome to all...0 test(s)39 times
    Cross at the green light.River CrossingWilds Reserve.1 test(s)247 times
    Cross that riverRiver CrossingForever Wild1 test(s)31 times
    Cross that River!River CrossingSapphire Plains1 test(s)286 times
    Cross the AmazonRiver CrossingPrancing Zebras Reserve1 test(s)188 times
    Cross the RiverRiver CrossingThe Pridelands1 test(s)135 times
    Cross the river boysRiver CrossingShepherds land1 test(s)78 times
    cross the river if you canRiver Crossingsavannah pride0 test(s)203 times
    Cross the river!River CrossingParadise in Africa1 test(s)44 times
    Cross the Wall of FireRiver Crossingda magic city1 test(s)5 times
    Crossing of the NileRiver CrossingGrazing Palace1 test(s)258 times
    Crossing the riverRiver CrossingHunt,drink water, and live1 test(s)53 times
    Crown of ThornsDesert RaceNecromancer1 test(s)213 times
    CuriositySavannah ExplorerIf Night Does Not Arrive1 test(s)126 times