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    · Desert Race  (114)
    · River Crossing  (91)
    · Savannah Explorer  (61)
    · King of the Savannah  (96)
    · Imminent Danger  (72)
    · Migration  (67)

    dangerImminent Dangersavannah savers0 test(s)263 times
    DANGERImminent DangerTahiyah Wildlife Reserve0 test(s)52 times
    danger alert alertImminent Dangerhaho its africa1 test(s)0 times
    danger challengeDesert Racezoe\'s african reserve1 test(s)0 times
    Danger DangerImminent DangerThe Wild Life Reserve1 test(s)97 times
    Danger in the SavannahImminent DangerGrazing Palace1 test(s)156 times
    Danger is Here!!!Imminent DangerRESERWE SKAAPWAGTER SE0 test(s)45 times
    danger loveDesert Racelion love1 test(s)0 times
    danger loveMigrationlion love1 test(s)0 times
    Danger Run!Imminent DangerLion lover reserve1 test(s)16 times
    Defeat the Shadow DragonImminent Dangerda magic city0 test(s)2 times
    Desert DartDesert RaceMnyama Reserve1 test(s)85 times
    Desert DashDesert RaceRESERWE SKAAPWAGTER SE1 test(s)89 times
    Desert MarathonMigrationExcellency Fields0 test(s)169 times
    Desert RaceDesert RaceLions Protection Reserve (LPR)1 test(s)6 times
    Desert raceDesert RaceHolly's Hyenas0 test(s)116 times
    desert raceDesert RaceLilyReserves0 test(s) times
    Desert RaceDesert Racelion park1 test(s)8 times
    Desert RacerDesert RaceAnimal Reserve0 test(s)184 times
    Desert RacesDesert RaceLions Lepords, Cheetahs,1 test(s)48 times
    Desert SpeedDesert RaceAnimal Kingdom6 test(s)2 times
    desert stormDesert Racecandy land0 test(s)42 times
    desert world championDesert Racemain land rescue center0 test(s)73 times
    Don't anybody move! This things loaded...I'll let you haveImminent DangerFor Prey to Predator1 test(s)39 times
    don't get eaten :)River Crossingluv's place1 test(s)32 times
    don't get lost!!Migrationluv's place1 test(s)45 times
    don't sipRiver Crossingmusic1 test(s)191 times
    Don't slip!River CrossingDaring Dash's African Reserve1 test(s)105 times
    dont get 2 wetRiver Crossinghaho its africa1 test(s)0 times
    dont get lost challengeSavannah Explorersafari reserve1 test(s)311 times
    Dont get wetRiver CrossingRun free1 test(s)14 times
    dora the explorer notSavannah Explorerwelcome to all...0 test(s)48 times
    Dragon RidingMigrationda magic city0 test(s)4 times
    Dream River CrossingRiver CrossingLost Dreams Reserve1 test(s)19 times
    durt raceDesert Racewelcome to all...0 test(s)49 times
    Dust FightKing of the SavannahExcellency Fields0 test(s)142 times
    Dust RaceDesert RaceWild Ones1 test(s)92 times
    Dusty RoadDesert RaceAnimals In The Savannahz Are Safe!!0 test(s)28 times