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    · Desert Race  (114)
    · River Crossing  (91)
    · Savannah Explorer  (61)
    · King of the Savannah  (96)
    · Imminent Danger  (72)
    · Migration  (67)

    Laughing Maniacs!Imminent DangerLions, and Hyenas, and Baboons, Oh my!1 test(s)0 times
    leader of the savannahSavannah ExplorerRoaring Lions1 test(s)36 times
    Leap of faith!!!!River CrossingKenya National park0 test(s)247 times
    Leaping Wild!River CrossingRunning Wild1 test(s)80 times
    Legends of FeatherMigrationLegends of Feather1 test(s)24 times
    Legends of FeatherImminent DangerLegends of Feather1 test(s)22 times
    Legends of FeatherKing of the SavannahLegends of Feather1 test(s)28 times
    Legends of FeatherDesert RaceLegends of Feather1 test(s)31 times
    Legends of FeatherRiver CrossingLegends of Feather1 test(s)30 times
    Legends of FeatherSavannah ExplorerLegends of Feather1 test(s)30 times
    Let's explore!Savannah ExplorerMichigander's Reserve1 test(s)67 times
    Lion ChallengeKing of the SavannahElephant Pond1 test(s)311 times
    Lion Ground Desert RaceDesert RaceLion Ground Haven1 test(s)327 times
    Lion King PrideKing of the SavannahMufasa's Pride1 test(s)57 times
    Lions Lounge Gets Off The CouchDesert RaceLion`s Lounge1 test(s)256 times
    Lions PrideKing of the SavannahBorn Free1 test(s)144 times
    Lions' RoarKing of the SavannahIf Night Does Not Arrive1 test(s)57 times
    Little Lion Animal ReserveKing of the SavannahLittle Lion Animal Reserve1 test(s)57 times
    Live Or DieImminent DangerSimba's Pridelands1 test(s)18 times
    Look harder!Savannah ExplorerGrace's protection1 test(s)22 times
    Look Out!Imminent DangerWilds Reserve.1 test(s)236 times
    Look see.Savannah ExplorerWilds Reserve.1 test(s)228 times
    Lost In DangerImminent DangerLost Dreams Reserve1 test(s)53 times
    Lost In ParadiseSavannah ExplorerWild Ones1 test(s)17 times
    Lost In The DesertDesert RaceLost Dreams Reserve1 test(s)24 times
    Lost In The MigrationMigrationLost Dreams Reserve1 test(s)29 times
    LovelyLions Strength Comp!King of the SavannahLovelyLions African Reserve1 test(s)38 times