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    · Desert Race  (114)
    · River Crossing  (91)
    · Savannah Explorer  (61)
    · King of the Savannah  (96)
    · Imminent Danger  (72)
    · Migration  (67)

    Race across the desert.Desert RaceMichigander's Reserve1 test(s)49 times
    Race in the SaharaDesert RaceGrazing Palace1 test(s)325 times
    Race the sandDesert RaceHunt,drink water, and live1 test(s)68 times
    Race through the HIGH GRASSDesert RaceThe Drylands Reserves1 test(s)94 times
    Race to the endDesert RaceAnimals united0 test(s)58 times
    Race to the FinishDesert RaceThe Sanctuary1 test(s)15 times
    Racing StripesDesert RaceAles' Pride1 test(s)31 times
    Raging RiversRiver CrossingThe Arcadia Game Reserve0 test(s)165 times
    Raven Dragon Desert Race!! Test that speed!!!Desert RaceRaven Dragon Wild Reserve!!!6 test(s)125 times
    Reach The Oasis!MigrationAfrican Oasis1 test(s)18 times
    Red RoverSavannah ExplorerRajah's Pride0 test(s)158 times
    Red SunsetDesert Racelillydaydream1 test(s)183 times
    Resurrection CrossingRiver CrossingResurrection's Savannah0 test(s)276 times
    Resurrection Danger ChallengeImminent DangerResurrection's Savannah0 test(s)241 times
    Resurrection Explorers ChallengeSavannah ExplorerResurrection's Savannah0 test(s)274 times
    Resurrection King's ChallengeKing of the SavannahResurrection's Savannah0 test(s)195 times
    Resurrection RunDesert RaceResurrection's Savannah1 test(s)151 times
    River crossingRiver CrossingSahara animals1 test(s)143 times
    River CrossingRiver CrossingLions Protection Reserve (LPR)1 test(s)40 times
    River CrossingRiver Crossinglion park1 test(s)17 times
    river RaceRiver CrossingZebra Tribe0 test(s)257 times
    River RunRiver CrossingMnyama Reserve1 test(s)81 times
    River RushRiver CrossingSavannah Safe Place1 test(s)24 times
    Rivers and streams in Africa!River CrossingThe Drylands Reserves1 test(s)62 times
    RiverstarRiver CrossingPokemon Daycare1 test(s)247 times
    Roar, Loud and ProudKing of the SavannahRajah's Pride1 test(s)121 times
    Rose's RaceDesert RaceRoselynn\'s Wildlife Reserve1 test(s)77 times
    Rude The Savannah!King of the SavannahSafari Adventure1 test(s)58 times
    Rulers Of The NightKing of the SavannahWild Ones1 test(s)13 times
    runDesert Racelove them dry0 test(s)433 times
    RunDesert RaceFoxy Vixens6 test(s)0 times
    Run , Run , Run !!!Desert RaceForever Wild1 test(s)187 times
    run 4 ur lifeDesert Raceluv's place1 test(s)57 times
    Run Across The RiverRiver CrossingA Million Colorful Wings1 test(s)91 times
    run as fast as you canDesert Racehaho its africa1 test(s)67 times
    run baby runDesert Racesavannah pride0 test(s)227 times
    Run baby runDesert RaceZealia's African Reserve1 test(s)0 times
    Run fastDesert RaceSave the pridelands1 test(s)51 times
    Run for your lifeImminent DangerThe Drylands Reserves1 test(s)47 times
    run for your lifeDesert RaceSavannah premium1 test(s)104 times
    Run Forest RunDesert RaceThe Roaring Lion0 test(s)60 times
    Run like the windDesert RaceRun free1 test(s)19 times
    Run like the wind!Desert RaceWild Winds0 test(s)269 times
    Run like the wind!Desert RaceGrassy Canyons1 test(s)52 times
    Run Like Usane Bolt!Desert RaceSmall is the Best!0 test(s)231 times
    Run Lions Run!Desert RaceLion lover reserve1 test(s)22 times
    Run or SoarDesert RaceA Million Colorful Wings1 test(s)37 times
    Run Run As Fast As You canImminent DangerSavannah Safari0 test(s)11 times
    Run run runDesert RaceWilds Reserve.1 test(s)309 times
    RUN RUN RUN!Desert RaceCats Dreams1 test(s)335 times
    RUN!Desert RaceWildlife0 test(s)104 times
    Run!River CrossingHolly's Hyenas1 test(s)72 times
    run!Desert RaceSavsnnah Hannah1 test(s)334 times
    Run! Don't look back, your enemy is after you!Desert RaceDaring Dash's African Reserve1 test(s)152 times
    Run, Safari, Run!Desert RaceSapphire Plains1 test(s)99 times