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    · Desert Race  (114)
    · River Crossing  (91)
    · Savannah Explorer  (61)
    · King of the Savannah  (96)
    · Imminent Danger  (72)
    · Migration  (67)

    Take The PlungeRiver CrossingThe Sanctuary1 test(s)74 times
    Test Your Strength!King of the SavannahSapphire Plains1 test(s)80 times
    The 1st Running Wild ChallengeDesert RaceRunning Wild1 test(s)385 times
    The Acacia Tree Desert RaceDesert RaceThe Acacia Tree Reserve1 test(s)100 times
    The Acacia Tree Instinct ChallengeMigrationThe Acacia Tree Reserve1 test(s)49 times
    The Acacia Tree King of the Savannah ContestKing of the SavannahThe Acacia Tree Reserve1 test(s)37 times
    The Acacia Tree River CrossRiver CrossingThe Acacia Tree Reserve1 test(s)84 times
    The Acacia Tree Savannah ExploringSavannah ExplorerThe Acacia Tree Reserve1 test(s)35 times
    The best Desert racersDesert RaceSavanna animal hotel1 test(s)200 times
    The best Immiment Dangers!Imminent DangerSavanna animal hotel1 test(s)107 times
    The best King of the savannah!King of the SavannahSavanna animal hotel1 test(s)136 times
    The best Migratons!MigrationSavanna animal hotel1 test(s)105 times
    The best River Crossers!River CrossingSavanna animal hotel1 test(s)160 times
    The best Savannah Explorers!Savannah ExplorerSavanna animal hotel1 test(s)158 times
    The Danger is everywhere!Imminent DangerThe Wild...1 test(s)16 times
    The Dirty ChallengeDesert RaceSavannah Safari1 test(s)182 times
    The Explorers!Savannah ExplorerLions, and Hyenas, and Baboons, Oh my!1 test(s)35 times
    The Farthest DistanceMigrationSavannah Safari1 test(s)24 times
    The Fast and FuriousDesert RaceSkippy's Reserve0 test(s)16 times
    The great migrationMigrationReserva de gratis2 test(s)85 times
    The Imminent DangerImminent DangerLovers Of Africas Animals0 test(s)324 times
    the kingKing of the SavannahLions Paridise0 test(s)199 times
    the king challengeKing of the SavannahHakuna Matata1 test(s)12 times
    the king of the savannahKing of the Savannahsavannah pride0 test(s)172 times
    The King Of The SavannahKing of the SavannahLovers Of Africas Animals0 test(s)295 times
    The Lion KingKing of the SavannahSimba's Pridelands1 test(s)11 times
    The MigrationMigrationLovers Of Africas Animals0 test(s)337 times
    the not so big raceKing of the Savannahthe kings and queens of the world1 test(s)33 times
    the not so big race 2Migrationthe kings and queens of the world1 test(s)46 times
    the purebed raceDesert Racethe kings and queens of the world1 test(s)169 times
    the purebreds 2Savannah Explorerthe kings and queens of the world1 test(s)59 times
    the purebreds 3Imminent Dangerthe kings and queens of the world1 test(s)49 times
    The RaceDesert RaceLovers Of Africas Animals1 test(s)1 times
    The River CrossingRiver CrossingLovers Of Africas Animals1 test(s)86 times
    The Savannah ExplorerSavannah ExplorerLovers Of Africas Animals0 test(s)333 times
    Theria's challengeDesert RaceTree plain1 test(s)21 times
    thirsty challengeDesert Racesafari reserve1 test(s)383 times
    Tmone n' PumbaSavannah ExplorerRun free1 test(s)9 times
    to do or to be doneSavannah Explorerthe lion man0 test(s)57 times
    To run!Desert RaceSahara animals1 test(s)282 times
    To the East!MigrationSapphire Plains1 test(s)199 times
    traveling with familyMigrationSave the pridelands1 test(s)9 times
    Tricky CrossingRiver CrossingChildren of Peace1 test(s)2 times