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    · Desert Race  (114)
    · River Crossing  (91)
    · Savannah Explorer  (61)
    · King of the Savannah  (96)
    · Imminent Danger  (72)
    · Migration  (67)

    Walk or be Eaten by CrocodilesMigrationSmall is the Best!1 test(s)50 times
    Wandering to SafetyMigrationZebra Stripes1 test(s)164 times
    Warning SignImminent DangerRajah's Pride1 test(s)88 times
    Watch for crocs and gatorsRiver CrossingSave the pridelands1 test(s)238 times
    Watch that horizon!Savannah ExplorerSapphire Plains1 test(s)36 times
    Water ChallengeRiver CrossingSavannah Safari1 test(s)37 times
    Water DashRiver CrossingExcellency Fields0 test(s)83 times
    Water RushRiver CrossingWild Ones1 test(s)135 times
    We can do itRiver CrossingMolly246\'s Reserve1 test(s)0 times
    What's out there?Savannah ExplorerSave the pridelands1 test(s)107 times
    What's that on the horizon?Savannah ExplorerUnder the Baobab Tree1 test(s)164 times
    When the going gets tough, the tough get going!Desert RaceFor Prey to Predator1 test(s)73 times
    who dares winsRiver Crossingthe lion man0 test(s)72 times
    Who wants to live 1000 years?Imminent DangerGrassy Canyons1 test(s)163 times
    Who Will Be Crowned King!King of the SavannahThe Pride Of Bagdad0 test(s)43 times
    Who Will Be KingKing of the SavannahErindi Pride1 test(s)145 times
    Who's the strongest?King of the Savannahlion love1 test(s)6 times
    WildKing of the SavannahLilyReserves1 test(s)26 times
    Wild CrossRiver CrossingWild Nights1 test(s)338 times
    Wild DangerImminent DangerWild Nights1 test(s)307 times
    Wild ExplorerSavannah ExplorerWild Nights1 test(s)306 times
    Wild InstinctMigrationWild Nights0 test(s)322 times
    Wild KingKing of the SavannahWild Nights1 test(s)286 times
    Wild RaceDesert RaceWild Nights1 test(s)432 times
    Wild Trails Follows HeartsMigrationWild Trails1 test(s)280 times
    Wild Trails MazeSavannah ExplorerWild Trails1 test(s)295 times
    Wild Trails Strongest LivesImminent DangerWild Trails0 test(s)280 times
    Wild Trails Tierra ForceKing of the SavannahWild Trails1 test(s)262 times
    Wild Trails Titanium FangsRiver CrossingWild Trails1 test(s)352 times
    Wild Trails Wind ChaseDesert RaceWild Trails1 test(s)426 times
    WildernessDesert RaceWilderness1 test(s)27 times
    WildernessMigrationWilderness1 test(s)23 times
    WildernessRiver CrossingWilderness1 test(s)51 times
    WildernessSavannah ExplorerWilderness1 test(s)32 times
    WildernessKing of the SavannahWilderness1 test(s)21 times
    WildernessImminent DangerWilderness1 test(s)21 times
    Wildlife MigrationMigrationWildlife Reserve0 test(s)139 times
    Wings SurvivalKing of the SavannahWalk As Lions0 test(s)172 times
    Winner Gets The GirlImminent DangerLion`s Lounge1 test(s)3 times
    WinterstarMigrationPokemon Daycare1 test(s)161 times
    wweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeKing of the SavannahLion cavern0 test(s)187 times