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  • Species:

    · Aardvark (1)
    · African Sacred Ibis (2)
    · African wild dog (6)
    · Baboon (1)
    · Bee-eater (1)
    · Black Crowned Crane (1)
    · Buffalo (1)
    · Cobra (6)
    · Crocodile (7)
    · Dromedary (4)
    · Elephant (1)
    · Fennec Fox (46)
    · Giraffe (1)
    · Jackal (1)
    · Leopard (5)
    · Lion (165)
    · Meerkat (24)
    · Porcupine (1)
    · Serval (7)
    · Striped Hyena (18)
    · Viper (2)
    · Warthog (1)
    · Xenopus Frog (2)
    · Zebra (24)

    Taken By The Wild [Serval Roleplay]07/23/2017Ishabella21
    Tales Of Hate *Lion Rp*04/25/2014germansheperdgirl357Hami645
    The african zoo08/28/2013Ishabella23
    The Black Stallions Ghost11/18/2013Ishabella24
    The Breeders' Talk07/16/2014m244llmb006
    The Chosen One *Wolf RP*10/31/2015Ishabella21
    The cuteness of the Legendary Fennec Fox04/09/2014tpony1
    The dream team12/29/2017bairmydog1
    The Dromedary08/12/2013Zebda1
    The Elves of Mirkwood08/21/2015Ishabella21
    The Fennec Family * Fennec Fox RP *10/15/2013ownerofdollyIshabella28
    The Fennec Fox Group!01/19/2013wglogan111
    The Fennec Fox Group! (Only for Fennec Foxes.)00/00/0000wglogan111
    The Fennec Fox Group! (Only for Fennec Foxes.)Have Fun!!! :)01/19/2013wglogan111
    The Forest *Warrior Cats Roleplay*10/13/2016Ishabella21
    The Frigid Tundra *Tribal Wolf RP*10/08/2015RuffianfanIshabella23
    The future of Nightmare *Anime wolf RP*11/23/2013Ishabella2germansheperdgirl3573
    The great warrior cats *RP*01/02/2014horselover2475cassie22578
    The Greatest Lions rp11/05/2013Hami64germansheperdgirl3577
    the heart of the wild*human and animal rp*12/26/2013huskygirl91
    The Herd of Flame and Wave Zebra RP12/02/2014emac19693
    The history of the legendary House-cat04/09/2014tpony1
    The hunger games00/00/0000skygliderkitten1
    The Kingdom Pack00/00/0000roisinpiano1
    The Kingdom Pack of the savannah01/04/2014roisinpiano1
    the kings and queens00/00/0000makayla118681
    The kings of the savanah11/20/2012hero20121
    The Laws of the Pack (Wolf RP)10/09/2015Ishabella2Zoopal556
    The life of Fennec Foxes08/12/2013Bellefire1
    The Light Behind Your Eyes { Lion RP }11/20/2016tragician1
    The Lion King09/27/2014Princessanimalpink2
    The Lion Lovers03/21/2015biglillybug3
    the lion not lazy group06/23/2013miamo91
    The Lion Pride11/03/2015destineehanks1232
    The lion pride rules the world00/00/0000maliha09041
    The lion pride!!!08/19/2016maliha09041
    The lion pride.00/00/0000maliha09041
    The lion pride/attack time against another pride00/00/0000maliha09041
    the lion sancuary00/00/0000miamo92
    the lionoids01/30/2013deshawnraw41
    The Lionzer Animal Repopulation Program12/01/2016REALDOGLOVER8
    The Lionzer group02/01/2014furby1111
    the loin king group!!!!!03/27/2013eggshell1
    The Lost Kingdom of Magic Wolves *Magic and Normal Wolf RP*02/27/2014Wolflover2014210
    The mad murder club02/28/2015Darrin90b1
    The Maze Runner RP01/25/2015louiemckinley2
    The Meerkat pack02/26/2013Rainbowdash21241
    The Meerkat pack surviveul00/00/0000Rainbowdash21241
    The Meerkat pack surviveul is usefull00/00/0000Rainbowdash21241
    the meerkats05/17/2013cha3451
    The mighty Chihuahua04/11/2014tpony1
    The Mighty Meerkat's08/28/2013Ishabella23
    The Moonlight Pack02/14/2014RedRocco1
    The new CatsC lub00/00/0000E3N0D4Y1
    The night fury group06/29/2015Ihastoothless1
    The Pet Big Cats08/13/2013angel.jr5
    The Price to Pay *Racehorse RP*07/15/2015Ishabella24
    the purebreds02/27/2015lionlover1011
    the roar12/09/2015ebutler411
    The Roaring Lion Group *Rp*01/10/2014thyfugrownerofdolly6
    The Rulers of the jungle11/14/2013weardkit1
    The savannah hunger games01/15/2013skygliderkitten1
    The Savannah *RP*01/01/2014Cupcake01233
    the savannah king08/07/2013LIONCUBS1
    The Starcat Cluster RP....11/11/2013Ishabella2Hami642
    The Striped Herd (rpg)03/04/2015Wolfie3254
    The Two Kingdoms *rp*01/26/2015puggelsrulelouiemckinley3
    The Wild Plains ( Lion RP )03/24/2014labrador.88ilovelabradors212
    THE WILD WORLD *LION RP*11/02/2013Ishabella2germansheperdgirl3572
    The Winds Of Africa *Lion RP*09/06/2015Ishabella2Hami646
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    This girl is on fire!12/24/2012daredevil791
    tigerz speed02/19/2014ls81131
    training camp12/03/2014ezbob1
    training to 50 HS00/00/0000Lucylovelion2
    Tribe Of Whispering Winds *Fox Tribe RP*02/04/2017CloudAboveRowanTrees1
    Tropical Savannah *RP Human and Animal*10/11/2013ChanelSea7
    Trust No One *Wolf RP*10/10/2015Ishabella2Ruffianfan5
    Try if you dare05/28/2014saruacosta671
    Two brothers *Tiger RP*11/22/2015Ishabella2germansheperdgirl3576