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Hello! I'm not sure if this is a bug or something, but I got 1 premz and decided to spend it on a Lucky Bag. I clicked buy and a little thing popped up at the top of my screen, and out of habit I clicked on the words "Lucky Bag" before I read what it said.

I looked down in the place where it shows you how many you have, and it said I had none, and I looked at my premz and I no longer have any premz.

Please help! (And I'm sorry if I posted this on the wrong board, the Forums aren't very clear on what they are for o_o")

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Actually, nevermind! A while after I made this post I found a Chimpanzee with my other animals. Thanks anyways to anyone who was gonna help

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Great, and next time its best to post a screenshot of your premz` history, which you can find by clicking the little diamond beside where it says how much nuggetx' and hourglasses you have.

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Thats great and it would be helpful if you could lock the thread now and for future referance after you have bought the lucky bag wait as it will bring you to a screen showing you what you got.
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