Each species has a dedicated page on which you can find all sorts of information, in particular:
- a short presentation text to find out more about this species;
- this species' characteristics on Lionzer;
- the standard capacity that animals of this species have;
- coats available for this species;
- the best players of this species;
- the best groupings for this species;
- statistics about animals of this species;
- some animals of this species: the best animals in terms of capacity, level, those that have received a progress star, those that are for sale...

A species' page also contains different community elements, in particular:
- players who like this species;
- groups that are talking about this species;
- photos;
- discussions about this species on the forums.
The comparison between the capacity of the best animals of a certain species and the species' standard capacity allows you to measure its progress: the wider the gap, the more advanced this species is in the game.

Some very wide progress gaps can exist between species, especially depending on the number of players who have animals and groupings of this species.
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Chimpanzee ##STADE## - coat 69
Characteristics of this species:
The Chimpanzee is an omnivorous mammal belonging to the Hominidae family.

The incredible characteristic of Chimpanzees is their resemblance to human beings, both physically and genetically. Chimpanzees are a favorite animal of humans, perhaps because they are so similar to us. These apes are very intelligent, able to communicate with various cries, use tools, learn sign language, and establish a social system in their groups, which have between 30 and 80 members.

Chimpanzees are often seen walking with their knuckles for support, but can also walk standing up. They eat fruits, nuts, seeds and leaves.

This species is famous for their intelligence and affectionate behavior, but these interesting animals are not meant to be pets—a grown chimpanzee is 5-6 times stronger than a human!

Today, this species is critically threatened with extinction because of the destruction of their environment and poachers.

Characteristics in Lionzer:




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Chimpanzee ##STADE## - coat 69

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