Free animal game: Hidden jungle animals

Does nothing escape your sharp stare?
Test your visual acuity in this free flash game!

Your mission is to find all the animals hidden in the scenery, with the help of your magnifying glass.
You will earn 10 points for each animal you find, and will lose 10 for all the times you click wrong.
There are 15 animals to find, such as , and , the , and , etc., the maximum score is 150 points.

You must find all 15 animals in less than 300 seconds or you will lose the game.
Simply use your mouse to analyze the scene, and click on one animal at a time.

Tip : Go over all the scene, piece by piece, methodically.
The animals are in hiding because they are scared of the tourists.
But they have nothing to fear from you.

Will you find all the animals and make your safari memorable?

The Hidden jungle animals animal game has already been played 5,245 times since it was added to the Lion games section.
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