Free animal game: Forest restaurant

Does the food service industry hold no secrets for you?
Then try feeding these animals, in this free flash game!

All the animals in the jungle have heard of your culinary talents!
You must satisfy each of these starved clients, by preparing them sandwiches, fruit salads, brownies and many more recipes.
Each animal, whether it is a Lion, a Chimpanzee, or a Zebra will want to eat a specific dish.

To prepare these tasty dishes, use your mouse to move ingredients over to you cutting board or the hot plate.
Be sure to serve every client then take your money and complete the objective before the timer runs out.

Tip : Once your dish is ready, serve it to your client as quickly as possible by clicking the dish and then the clients' head.
If you don't have any orders at the moment, get ahead by preparing your ingredients in advance.

Will your culinary skills satisfy all your clients?

The Forest restaurant animal game has already been played 4,413 times since it was added to the Lion games section.

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