Free animal game: Lion king memory

Do you have an unbeatable memory?
Test your skills in this free flash game!

Experience the wonderful world of the Lion King, in this free flash game.
You must click on each sequence, that will be shown, in the right order to move on to the next level.
There are three levels in all, separated into three stages. Be careful not to miss a stage or you will have to start over the whole level.

When you begin the combinations are pretty basic, but once you reach the third level, you will need all of your skills to remember the sequence.
Use your mouse to click on the animations to put them in the right order.
You can download a Lion King wallpaper at the end of each level!

Will you get to the end of this free game?

The Lion king memory animal game has already been played 3,887 times since it was added to the Lion games section.
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