Free animal game: Lions Africa

This flash game takes strategy and planning – how far will you go? There are 28 levels and each one gives you another challenge.
You will see a lot of gray lion heads. The goal of the game is simple: click on a gray lion head to turn it into color. Once all the lions are in color, you pass the level and move onto the next one.
But it's not so simple! When you click on a lion, it changes all the lions around it. If they were gray, they become color, but if they were already in color then they will become gray again.
Also, the number of moves it takes you to turn all the lions into color are counted and you need to click as little as possible. So plan your strategy and use your clicks wisely.
Will you get through all 28 levels in this free lion game? Come and prove your intelligence and beat your friends' high scores!

The Lions Africa animal game has already been played 6,175 times since it was added to the Lion games section.
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