Free animal game: Lion Safari Game

This free flash game will test your balance and reflexes!
You play a lion who is on a safari. Well, he's hitching a ride on top of a car that's taking some people on a safari. You will be driving all through the wild Savannah and spotting animals like zebras, giraffes and rhinos!
But since you are standing on top of the car, you need to make sure you don't fall off. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move your lion. When the car turns a corner, you need to move the opposite way to avoid falling off. Use the left and right arrow to move your lion to the left or right. You will see a red exclamation point appear when your lion is leaning dangerously over the side and risks falling. Use the down arrow to duck down when you have to go under an obstacle (trees, giraffes, etc.)
This is a fast-paced safari ride so you need to be quick and have fast reflexes to get to the end. What will your high score be in this free flash game?

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