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This page gives you answers to frequently asked questions and issues that you could have about Lionzer, by directing you if needed toward specific sections of the game help or some forum topics.

You will also be able to contact us about specific subjects:
- report a bug or a premz' or subscription purchasing problem ;
- offer a partnership ;
- join the Lionzer team ;
- advertise on Lionzer.

Please note that we can't answer all the individual help requests. If you are stuck in the game or you need help concerning some functions, please consult the game help or go to the forums.
Support / Contact us
  •  Question about the gameplay and the animals of the savannah.
  •  Question about the gameplay: certificates, jobs, nuggetz', premz', groups...
  •  Question about transactions between players.
  •  Question about the savannah challenges.
  •  Question about the african reserve and the bills
  •  Question about your account and game.
  •  Question about the forums, message service, interactions between players.
  •  Question for partners and advertisers.
  •  Question from parents about game safety.
  •  Question about how the Lionzer Club works.
  •  Problem with the purchase of premz' or the purchase of a subscription.