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Great. We're all bloody inspired.

                                                                                            - Newt

Introduction: Privet! That's Russian for hello. I'm Louiemckinley, but you can call me Louie. A few things you should know about me are: I'm a Maze Runner Fangirl, in the HTTYD universe I'm a Night Fury called Echogreen, in the Maze Runner universe I'm a girl named Angi, in the Whoniverse I'm a TimeLady called The Wolf, and those are my alternate selves. ^^ Hm. Anything else? I'm learning Russian, German, Latin, and French. I've already planned out my wedding. I am a freshman in HighSchool and have plans to go to Biola and graduate with a journalism degree. I'm also a huge author. I love writing fanfictions, but I write a lot of real actual books too. 

HTTYD Fanfictions: The Viking, Water, A Snoggletog Surprise, Dragon Girls: A New World

The Viking: Trianity is a Viking that fell asleep for four hundred years. However, she believes that she's been asleep for two hundred years. When she wakes up, she wakes up in Berk's greatest time of need. That's what she was destined to do: Save Berk from trouble. Told from Trianity, Astrid, and Snotlout's point of view, this is a journey with suspense, surprise, and real Viking history!

Water: When Ettolrahc finds out that she can control water, she is afraid. All her life she's been a normal Night Fury, but now ... now she's not. She's feared by the other creatures on the island. To top it off, there's an evil creature whispering things to her. She growing more and more scared by the minute. Will she find her safe haven? Or will she die from the mysterious being? Will her little sister be safe?

A Snoggletog Surprise: Echogreen and Diamondspirit are living a happy life. They go flying together every day in searach of mysteries, adventures, and a cure for his wing. Snoggletog is coming and Echogreen wants to do something special for Diamondspirit, and Diamondspirit wants the same. However, the two are plunged into another adventure as they try to find the perfect gift.

Dragon Girls: A New World: One fateful day, Echogreen and Paintsplash (two Night Furies) are transported into a world much like ours except for one thing: The dragons are humans. As the world unfolds, mysteries are revealed. Even though they might not solve all the mysteries, the two Night Furies can at least get to know the people of the place better ... right?

My HTTYD Original Characters: Echogreen, Ettolrahc, Trianity

Name: Trianity

Age: Around 16

Gender: Female

Rank: Warrior

Relationship: Not Looking, open

Personality: Trianity is aggressive and assertive. If you were looking for a miniature Astrid Hofferson, this would be your girl. She is fiercely loyal and will do anything in her power to be able to save her island. On the downfall of things, she does not trust easily and is hard to trust.

Biography: You can find her story here.


Dragon Name: Icestorm

Dragon Species: Bewilderbeast

Dragon's Personality:  Kind and generous, but not afraid to stand up for what is right and the people/dragons under her protection. She found Trianity a few years ago and kept close tabs on the girl. She then protected the whole island when Dagur the Deranged and Drago Bludvist attacked. She can be a bit snarky, but Trianity puts up with it.

Name Ettolrahc
Age 23
Gender Female
Tribe I need no tribe
Species Night Fury
Rank What rank?
Breath Power Everything
Personality I can be as cold as the swirling ice. I can be as hot tempered as the sun. I can be as level headed as the spring, or change as quickly as the fall changes to winter.
History I need not tell you that.
Family Echogreen does not yet know that I am her ... well, I can't tell you.

Name Echogreen
Age 20 dragon years
Gender Female
Species/Class Night Fury/Strike Class 

Rank Leader
Breath Power Magic/regular Night Fury stuff
Personality Being a leader of a tribe, she has to be fair and compassionate. In battle, she is as fierce, if not fiercer, than a berserk viking. Being scarred because of what they have done to Toothless Junior, she loathes the vikings.
History Her history is twisted so much it's hard to know truth from fable. One thing that everyone knows is true is that she was the first to break away from the Vikings.
Physical Description Unlike most dark colored Night Furies, she is a greeny blue. Her eyes are seaweed green and has retractable teeth. 

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